How to Mount a PS5 to the Wall: Secure Setup Guide

Mounting a PlayStation 5 (PS5) to the wall clears up desk space and can enhance the overall look of a gaming setup. It’s a practical solution for gamers who prefer a clean and organized gaming area. This process requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure the PS5 is securely attached and that the ventilation is not obstructed.

A PS5 is mounted securely to the wall using a wall mount bracket. The console is positioned horizontally with the necessary screws and tools visible nearby

The necessary tools for wall mounting include a drill, level, wall anchors, and a stud finder. The PS5’s design requires a specific type of mounting bracket that accommodates its unique shape and weight. There are several mounts available, such as the FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount and the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle, which cater to different preferences and wall types.

Before beginning the installation, one should select an appropriate spot on the wall that is close to the TV and within reach of an electrical outlet. It’s important to mount the PS5 in a manner that does not interfere with its USB and HDMI ports and allows for proper cable management. The area must also provide ample airflow to prevent the console from overheating, ensuring it operates efficiently for the best gaming experience.

Preparation Before Installation

Mounting a PS5 to a wall is a task that requires careful preparation to ensure the console is secure and stable. The following subsections guide you through choosing the right wall mount, gathering the necessary tools and materials, selecting the perfect spot on your wall, and important safety considerations.

Choosing the Right PS5 Wall Mount

Selecting the appropriate PS5 wall mount is crucial. Look for trusted brands such as TotalMount, HIDEit Mounts, and NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit that are specifically designed for the size and weight of your PlayStation 5. Consider the VIVO Steel Wall Mount Bracket as a sturdy option that supports the console securely.

Gathering Necessary Tools and Materials

To install a PS5 wall mount, one will need a drill, a level, screws, and wall anchors. Check if your selected PS5 wall mount includes the necessary hardware; otherwise, purchase high-quality screws and anchors separately from reliable retailers like Amazon.

Selecting an Appropriate Wall Space

Identify an area of the wall that is free from obstructions and has enough space for the PS5’s ventilation needs. Use a level to ensure the mount will be perfectly horizontal. Choosing a spot near an electrical outlet is also advisable to manage cables effectively.

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount when wall mounting your PS5. Confirm that the wall anchors you’re using are suitable for the wall material and can support the weight of the console. It’s important to anchor the mount to a stud, if possible, to provide a robust foundation. Always follow the instructions provided by the mount manufacturer to reduce the risk of damage or injury.

Mounting Process

When mounting a PS5 to the wall, precision and stability are crucial. One should use a level to ensure accuracy in marking and a reliable wall anchor to secure the mount safely.

Marking the Drill Points

Before drilling, position the wall mount against the wall where the PS5 will hang. Using a pencil, one should mark the drill points provided on the mount—ensuring they are level to avoid a tilted installation. A powder coat finish on the PS5 wall mount not only adds a sleek look but also provides an extra layer of protection against scratches during this process.

Securing the Mount to the Wall

After marking, drill holes at the indicated positions and insert the wall anchors to guarantee a secure fit, especially in drywall where studs are not available. The wall mount can then be aligned with the holes and fastened with screws, ensuring it is firmly attached to the wall without any give.

Attaching the PS5 to the Mount

With the mount securely in place, one can proceed to attach the PS5. Carefully slide the PS5 into the mount, following the specific instructions that ensure the console is safely connected and supported. If the mount includes a locking mechanism, engage it to prevent accidental dislodging of the console.

Cable Management

A PS5 console is mounted securely to a wall using cable management hardware. Wires are neatly organized and hidden behind the console

When mounting a PS5 to the wall, cable management is a crucial aspect to ensure a clean and organized look. Appropriate routing of cables not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also prevents potential damage and keeps them out of the way. They should consider a few key steps to maintain an organized setup:

  • Use Cable Ties: To keep cables neatly together, one can use Velcro straps or cable ties. These are gentle on wires and allow for easy adjustments.
  • Cable Channels or Raceways: Installing plastic channels or raceways along the wall can conceal wires completely. It organizes them into a single, unobtrusive conduit.
  • Labels: Labelling each cable can save time and prevent confusion, especially when troubleshooting or reconfiguring the system.
  • Adhesive Clips: For temporary setups, applying adhesive-backed clips may hold cables in place without the need for more permanent fixtures.
  • Wall-mounted Shelves: Incorporating wall-mounted shelves near the console can be a strategic spot to place a surge protector, making it simpler to connect all the PS5 cables to one point.

Proper Organization will aid in not only in the system’s appearance but also in the functionality of your gaming area. It allows for better airflow around cables and ensures that the PS5’s ports are easily accessible. Here are some additional tips:

  • Invest in longer cables if necessary to neatly route them without stretching.
  • Place a surge protector on a wall-mounted shelf to minimize cable clutter.
  • Ensure sufficient slack is left for the cables to prevent strain on the devices or connectors.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation for PS5

A PS5 is mounted securely to the wall with proper ventilation. The console is positioned in a well-lit room with ample space around it

Mounting a PS5 to the wall requires careful consideration of ventilation to prevent overheating. Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining the performance of the console’s cooling fan.

Importance of Adequate Airflow

The PS5’s cooling system is designed to dissipate heat efficiently during operation. However, without adequate airflow, the console can overheat, leading to potential hardware damage and reduced lifespan. It’s essential to ensure that there is sufficient space around the console for air to circulate, which helps in keeping temperatures within safe operating limits.

Positioning for Optimal Ventilation

When mounting a PS5, positioning it correctly is critical for optimal ventilation. The console should not be placed too close to a wall or in a tight space where air cannot flow freely. Follow these guidelines for proper placement:

  • Ensure there’s a minimum of 10 cm (4 inches) of clearance from the wall.
  • Mount the PS5 vertically when using a heavy-duty mounting bracket, allowing for adequate space at the intake and exhaust vents.
  • Avoid blocking the intake and exhaust areas with other objects to prevent recirculation of warm air.

Maintaining the cooling fan’s effectiveness is vital. One should also regularly remove dust build-up, which can restrict ventilation and cause the fans to work harder. Use the appropriate cleaning tools to keep vents clear and allow for maximum airflow.

Accessory Integration

A PS5 is mounted securely to a wall using a sleek, low-profile accessory. The console is positioned vertically with the necessary cables neatly organized and hidden from view

When mounting a PS5 to the wall, integrating accessories such as controllers, headphones, and charging stations ensures a clean setup and easy accessibility.

Attaching Controllers and Headphones

Mounting the PS5 presents an opportunity to organize controllers and headphones neatly. DualSense controllers can be placed on hooks or shelves positioned next to the console for convenient access. Incorporating a headphone hanger directly on the wall mount, like the options from TotalMount or HIDEit Mounts, ensures that headphones remain within reach and the gaming area stays clutter-free.

Suggested Controller and Headphone Setup:

  • Controllers: Mount hooks or shelves beside the PS5 unit.
  • Headphones: Attach a headphone hanger to the wall mount itself.

Adding Charging Stations

For controllers, integrating a charging station into the wall-mounted setup maximizes space and maintains charge levels. Products like the TotalMount Universal Mount for Electronics offer solutions to secure charging stations adjacent to the console. Furthermore, some special wall mounts, like those provided by HIDEit Mounts PS5 Wall Mount, may come with dedicated space to accommodate DualSense controllers, allowing them to be charged directly on the mount.

Charging Station Recommendations:

  • DualSense Controllers: Optimize the space with a mount that includes a built-in charging station.
  • Station Placement: Install the charging station close to the PS5, ideally using a mount that can securely hold the charging base.

Optimizing the Gaming Setup

A PS5 console is mounted securely to the wall, with cables neatly organized. The gaming setup is sleek and optimized for maximum enjoyment

When wall mounting a PlayStation 5, aligning the console with a TV or monitor and maintaining a minimalist look are essential for an aesthetically pleasing gaming setup. It also enhances the overall user interaction with the system.

Aligning the TV or Monitor with the Mounted PS5

The optimal gaming experience is achieved when the TV or monitor is at eye level and centered with the PlayStation 5 wall mount. It’s important to measure the distance from the viewer’s seat to the wall and calculate the mounting height.

  • Determine the center point of the TV or monitor and align it horizontally and vertically with the center of the PS5 wall mount.
  • Use a heavy-duty wall mount for both the console and screen to ensure stability and safety.

Achieving a Minimalist Look

A minimalist gaming setup emphasizes simplicity and focuses on decluttering the space by hiding cables and unnecessary accessories.

  • Opt for in-wall cable management systems to hide wires and maintain a clean look.
  • Select a minimalistic PlayStation 5 wall mount that blends with the wall, making the console appear as if it is floating.
  • Mount additional accessories, such as controllers and headphones, on discreet hooks or shelves that complement the minimalist aesthetic.

Incorporating a mounted PlayStation 5 and screen within a minimalist design can create an engaging and organized gaming environment.

Maintaining Your Mounted PS5

A PS5 is securely mounted to the wall with a sturdy bracket. Cables are neatly organized and the console is easily accessible for gaming

Once a PS5 console is mounted to the wall, maintaining it ensures both functionality and longevity. Proper care includes routine cleaning as well as monitoring the mount for stability.

Routine Cleaning and Dusting

Cleaning schedule: To avoid dust buildup, the mounted PS5 should be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the surface of the console and remove any dust that may have settled. This will prevent overheating and maintain airflow.

  • Materials: A microfiber cloth
  • Frequency: Bi-weekly

Organizing cables: Ensure cable organization is maintained to prevent dust traps and facilitate easier cleaning. Any loose cables should be secured and aligned with organizational tools to promote clutter-free surfaces and maintain an orderly appearance.

  • Tools: Cable ties or clips
  • Benefit: Reduced dust and clutter

Checking the Mount’s Stability

Inspection frequency: Monthly checks on the stability of the PS5 mount are essential. This is especially important for mounts like the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle, which are designed to handle the weight and dimensions of the console specifically.

  • Action: Tighten any loose screws
  • Materials: Screwdriver appropriate for the used mount

Material considerations: For mounts made from heavy-duty steel or plastic, checking for any signs of wear or stress ensures the structural integrity is uncompromised. If the wall mount is a heavy duty steel bracket, its weight-bearing capacity will ensure the PS5 remains securely in place, but routine checks are still recommended.

  • Look for: Signs of bending, rust, or plastic fatigue
  • Materials: Steel or plastic as per the mount’s construction

Keep in mind that the weight of the PS5 needs continuous support, and the mount must remain capable of holding it securely to avoid any accidents. Regular maintenance of the mount and the space around it will contribute significantly to the safety and proper function of your wall-mounted gaming setup.

Considerations for Different PS5 Models

When mounting a PS5, an important consideration is the specific model of the console. The PS5 disc version and PS5 digital edition have different designs that may affect the choice of console mount. Here are some considerations to keep in mind for each model:

PS5 Disc Edition

  • Weight and Dimensions: It’s heavier than the digital edition, necessitating a robust mounting system.
  • Ventilation Requirements: Ensure the mount does not obstruct the console’s ventilation system.

PS5 Digital Edition

  • Lighter Frame: It may be compatible with a wider range of mounts due to its reduced weight.
  • Design Specifics: Mounts designed specifically for the digital edition can provide a more seamless look.


Before purchasing a console mount, verify that it is compatible with the version of the PS5 that one owns. Some mounts are universal, while others are model-specific.


PS5 consoles can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. Ensure that the chosen mount supports the desired orientation while maintaining stability and access to ports.

Tips for Both Models

  • Security: Select a mount that secures the console firmly to prevent slipping or falling.
  • Accessibility: Opt for a mount that allows easy access to cable ports and buttons.

It is critical to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for mounting to avoid damage to the PS5 console. Always prioritize safety and proper ventilation to extend the lifespan of the device.

Additional Tips for Enhancing the Mounted Setup

When mounting your PS5 to the wall, it’s essential to consider both the protection of your console and the potential for additional enhancements.

Protecting Your PS5 from Pets and External Factors

The placement of your PlayStation 5 can significantly impact its longevity and performance. Mounting your PS5 on the wall using products like the NexiGo PS5 wall mount kit not only saves space but also keeps it out of reach from pets. By elevating the console, you reduce the risk of accidental knocks or chewed cables, ensuring your PlayStation 5 operates without interruption. For extra security, consider additional straps or covers to safeguard against environmental factors like dust.

Exploring Additional Mounting Accessories

To enhance convenience and maintain a clean setup, incorporating accessories compatible with the TotalMount universal mount can be beneficial. Various available accessories, such as cable management systems, can help in keeping power and HDMI cables organized. Additionally, investing in mounts with integrated cooling could contribute to better ventilation, which is crucial for maintaining the performance of the PlayStation 5. It’s important to select the best overall accessories that complement your wall mount and do not obstruct the console’s vents or ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mounting your PS5 on the wall can save space and add to the aesthetics of your gaming setup. This section addresses common queries related to wall mounting your PS5.

What are the best options for mounting a PS5 on the wall?

Several wall mounts are recommended for their sturdiness and compatibility with the PS5, such as the Total Mount Universal Mount and HIDEit Mounts. These brands offer reliable solutions for displaying your console on the wall.

How can I securely fix my PS5 to the wall without using screws?

For those reluctant to drill holes in the wall, no-drill wall mount options are available. These use strong adhesive mounts or other non-permanent solutions to keep your PS5 secure.

Can a PS5 be safely positioned behind a TV using a wall mount?

It is possible to mount a PS5 behind the television if the wall mount allows for enough ventilation space. This ensures that the console operates safely without overheating.

Are there wall mounts available that also include a cooling fan for the PS5?

Some wall mounts come with built-in cooling systems to prevent overheating, including fans that help maintain an optimal operating temperature for the PS5.

What horizontal wall mounting solutions exist for the PS5?

Horizontal mounts provide a traditional console placement and can be found with various manufacturers. These mounts typically involve a set of brackets that support the PS5’s weight evenly.

Is there a wall mount for the PS5 that comes with a controller charging station?

Certain wall mounts offer additional features, including controller charging stations. This integration allows for convenient charging of controllers while maintaining an organized gaming area.