Top 5 Tech Do-Withouts


The economy stinks, and everyone is looking to cut back and save money right now. Unfortunately, the idea of cutting back and technology don’t often go together. Believe it or not, but it is possible to waste money on useless tech and there are ways you can save money.

5. Apple Displays


Macs are great. They are a bit more expensive than PCs, but well worth the price gap. Apple Cinema displays are different. While professionals may need them for their excellent color accuracy, the average Joe would be a fool to pay $1799 on Apple’s 30″ monster when a Dell with the same LCD panel and specifications can be had for $1049. Similarly, the Cupertino company is currently selling refurbished 20″ displays for $499 when a brand new 20″ flat panel can be had for half that everywhere else. Simply put, buy a Mac, but don’t buy a Cinema display.

4. Pay-to-Surf Porn


In the middle of a recession, self-pleasure should not get in the way of more important needs, such as a new tie for your next job interview. While possibly the most tempting of cut-backs to avoid, is it really fair to yourself to put all those pay-to-surf sites on your credit card when there are plenty of free alternatives out there, such as your spouse or significant other? There are also ways of sneaking yourself on to pay sites for free.

3. Commercial Software


Some people have a genuine need for expensive software like Microsoft Office or Photoshop, but most of us don’t. For every piece of commercial software out there, at least one free alternative exists. Sure, Open Office might not look as nice as the real thing or have that fancy Word Art, but this is a recession, and you need to cut back, right?

If absolutely need that $1,000 graphics software that just came out, you might be able to find a friend or son/daughter in college who will let you use their educational discount.

2. Cable or Satellite TV


Why would you spend up to $100 or a more on month on TV when you know there really isn’t anything decent to watch. Really, is The Girls Next Door worth that kind of money? Cancel your cable or satellite, get a Netflix subscription, and learn how to watch your favorite TV the right way. There are also free ways to watch television online such as Joost.

1. Netbooks


When you buy a netbook, you are getting a device that can browse a web and do a few other basic tasks. They are made with cheap hardware and not designed for long-term use. Why would you spend $300 or $400 on something with a nine-inch screen and undersized keyboard when a full-size laptop can be had for the same price nowadays?

The current netbook craze is a fad. If you already have a working computer, don’t follow the trend and pop $300 on a netbook. Save your money. By this time next year you will see people getting rid of them left and right.


  1. Hulu, Boxee, and ATSC tuners are also great ways of getting rid of your Cable subscription.

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