Lego Castle Sets

Lego Castle is one of the largest and most popular Lego theme sets out there. Considering there have been more than 100 Lego Castle sets released since 1978, it’s a timeless classic. The castle sets are a good choice because they never go out of style. Unlike Harry Potter and other themed sets, your child won’t get bored with Lego Castles. They are available at all price ranges. And of course, the pieces are great for combining with other parts of a Lego collection! This last-minute holiday shopping guide provides an overview of the most popular Lego Castle sets.

Lego Castle

LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village

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The Lego Castle Medieval Market Village is the most popular Lego Castle set of the holiday season. This colorful set contains more than 1600 pieces and is a bargain at under $100. The European-style village includes a blacksmiths shop, house stables, 8 mini-figures, plenty of furniture and more. This set is a must-have for all Lego Castles fanatics this year.

LEGO Castle King’s Castle Siege

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This is the ultimate Lego Castle set. Although a bit pricey at slightly under $300, this full-fledged castle includes a lot of unique features. These include a working drawbridge, real catapults and moving boulders. It is also designed to be easily modified into other structures, so the only real limit to this castle is your child’s imagination.

LEGO Troll Warship

If your child has every Lego Castle set under the sun, consider the Lego Troll Warship. This unique Lego Castle set comes with 493 pieces. It includes a working cannon, removable prison, net with working gear, realistic sails, a giant troll and a huge dragon. One neat aspect of the Troll warship is that your child can use the base to build a variety of other ships if he or she grows tired of trolls.

LEGO Castle Dwarves’ Mining

The LEGO Castle Dwarves’ Mining comes with 576 pieces and is very realistic. It features a working mine cart, working catapult, several trolls and a variety of accessories. It is definitely different than some of the more generic Lego Castles products on the market.

LEGO Final Joust

The jousting knights set provides a lot of fun for the money. It only contains 62 pieces, but is one of the less expensive Lego Castle sets. The goal is to knock the other player off a horse and win the match. It makes a good gift by itself, but is also excellent for combining with other Castle sets. The Final Joust is good for younger children because it is easy to put together and not very complicated. This is one of my favorite Lego Castle sets.

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