Top 10 Kindle Covers

The Amazon Kindle is the best-selling gadget of the holiday season. Whether you received a Kindle as a gift or indulged in one for yourself, now is a great time to buy a Kindle cover. A solid case will not only protect the Kindle from wear and tear, but can also extend its functionality. Not to mention the right case will make your e-reader stand out from the pack. Check out PC Fastlane’s picks for the best Kindle covers.

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all cases are for the Kindle 3.

1. Periscope Flip Cover+Light

The Periscope Flip Cover is both stylish and functional. The tan and black leather exterior is sure to turn heads, but it’s the large retractable LED light on the inside that really sets the Periscope apart from the competition. It also doubles as a stand. The only thing we could find wrong with the Periscope is the need for 3 AA batteries which must be replaced after 40 hours of use. The cover is officially compatible with the Kindle 2 and Nook, but owners report that it works fine with the Kindle 3.

Buy: Periscope Store

2. Pad and Quill Kindle 3 Case

If the Kindle’s plastic exterior leaves you aching for the good old days of bound books, check out the Kindle 3 case at Pad and Quill. Each cover is hand-crafted with bonded leather and wood to look just like a classic book. You might think such a case would cost an arm and a leg, but Pad and Quill’s bookbindery case is also fairly priced.

Buy: Pad and Quill

3. Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

kindle lighted leather case

Available in seven colors, the Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover picks up where other cases leave off. It features a pull-out LED lamp that fits neatly inside the cover when not in use. Amazon’s case adds plenty of protection without much bulk– and best of all– the light runs off the Kindle’s battery. This battery-saving feature helps  justify the hefty $59.99 price tag.

Buy: Amazon

4. Kindle Ultimate SleeveCase

The Waterfield Kindle Ultimate SleeveCase is a good choice for travelers. Because it’s TSA Checkpoint Friendly, there’s no need to remove your Kindle from the case for security checks. So you can be rest-assured that although you might get a pat-down and maybe a little bit more from the TSA, your Kindle will be safe.

Buy: Waterfield

5. Etsy Kindle Covers

Etsy is an online marketplace for high-quality handmade goods. Besides the typical knickknacks you’d expect to find, the site is an excellent source for Kindle covers of all styles. Etsy has more than 1500 different cases available as of this posting. (Pictured- German charcoal wool case from CaseClosedUK)

Buy: Etsy

6. Oberon Leather Cover

If you’re looking for a Kindle case straight from a fantasy realm, California’s Oberon Design has quite a few to offer. Each of its covers are handmade from leather and pewter. Their unique designs mean you’ll never confuse your Kindle with someone else’s. Check them out for yourself– pictures sometimes speak louder than words.

Buy: Oberon Design

7. Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bag

Ok, this isn’t exactly a case, but the Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bag is worth mentioning. Designed specifically for the Kindle 2, it has plenty of storage place for all the necessities in life as well as a waterproof liner. It also fits the Kindle 3. Three different styles are available.

Buy: Amazon

8. Tuff-Luv Cover & Stand

The Tuff-Luv leather cover wraps completely around the Kindle, protecting every edge from nicks and scratches. It also functions as a stand. Although somewhat bulky, the Tuff-Luv cover is suitable for those who are rough on gadgets. It comes in five colors.

Buy: I-nique

9. rooCase Folio

Owners of the rooCase Folio appreciate the product for its low price and quality design. Although it doesn’t look much different than any other Kindle case, the rooCase Folio features a set of built-in sleeves on the left side. It is currently available in black, graphite, pink, red and grey.

Buy: Amazon

10. BUILT Kindle Sleeve

The BUILT Kindle sleeve provides an excellent alternative to the executive leather look. Its neoprene construction and built-in bumpers provide a high level of protection, and the sleeve is also machine washable. A variety of designs are available for $34.99.

Buy: Amazon

Honorable Mentions

1. Moleskine Kindle Cover with Notebook

The Moleskine Kindle cover is both sophisticated and useful. The included reporter-style notebook compliments its classic Moleskine look. This case would have been high up on the list if it weren’t for the two things: scarce availability and a lack of Kindle 3 support. Amazon released the Kindle 3 in September, but Moleskine has yet to release this case for what is arguably the most popular Kindle ever.  The only reason we don’t like it is because we can’t get one. A Kindle DX version is available right now, though.

Buy: Amazon

2. Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

The Amazon Kindle Leather Cover is exactly the same as the previously mentioned cover from Amazon, sans reading light. It’s variety of colors options and quality construction make it a choice no one would argue with. Consumer complaints about the cover, which connects to the Kindle, causing freeze-ups and random reboots leaves us wary, however. Amazon is offering effected customers a free replacement or refund, but the defect itself remains unresolved.

Buy: Amazon

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